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How To Write An Ebook – Choosing The Genre

columbo-man-thinkingLooking for information on how to write an ebook? Perhaps the best starting point for writing an ebook (or indeed an old fashioned hard copy one) is choosing a genre for the book.

Some people believe that they could write about anything they set their mind to. In that case it really would not matter what they wrote about, or indeed how they wrote about it. But writers that can turn their hand to anything, and equally enjoy writing it all, are few and far between.

Likely, they are the sort of authors that read a couple of pages on a topic and then decide to write an exceedingly long tome on the subject almost from scratch. Very few people put the required effort and thought into completing jobs they are not enjoying, or actually interested in. When caught in that scenario most of us get the job done without putting any of our heart and soul into it.

Being a good writer does not automatically mean that you could, or indeed should write about anything, seemingly chosen on a completely random basis. When it comes to it in the publishing and writing profession it is usually best to write in the genre, or genres that you like the most.

Of course those of us with a broader spectrum of interests have a wider range of writing genre to pick from. Generally though it makes more sense to select one genre, and stick to writing in that style, for a certain type of audience until you find your way as an author.

So if you enjoy reading romantic fiction, or writing about World War II battleships have a go at writing about those things. A commonly given tip when it comes to picking the genre to write within, is to write about the things you to read about. Or if you like to read about a wide variety of topics then select the subject you enjoy reading the most.

The logic behind such an approach is a really simple one, the more you have read about something the easier it is to write about. You know what you are writing, and it will be easier to write with a more natural flow of things. Plus you should be writing for an audience with similar tastes to your own.

If you are not entirely sure what kind of genre your work falls into then there will be publishers out there who know the best genre to sell your book under. At the writing stage you do not need to concern yourself with working out the marketing strategies for your opus.

With the internet writers no longer have to spend hour after hour in libraries carrying out research for their books, well not unless they like to do so. Internet searches will soon find information for your book, whatever genre you finally decide to write within. Research makes books more believable to their audiences, especially non-fiction ones.

Even fiction books are better if you can make the details as realistic as possible. Attention to detail can make your readers believe that they are in the place and time that your book is set in. Authors have found that writing about a subject they already have an expertise on is a means to complete books with hardly in research at all. Accuracy is not as important in fiction as it is in non-fiction, unless you are writing about actual historical events.

Do not worry too much about choosing between writing fiction and non-fiction, just write on whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some established authors made their name for example by writing Cold War thrillers yet interspersed them with books on cookery, and photography. So the secret to how to write an ebook, in summary, is just to go out there and write about something that you enjoy.

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